Westminster Conservatives lose £25 million on Leicester Square Odeon plans

Odeon Leicester sq

Westminster Conservatives have lost another £25 million for affordable housing by accepting £2,958,074 instead of the £27,991,739 required by the Council’s own Planning policies for the proposal to demolish the Odeon Leicester Square and build a new 10 storey building with five basement levels to provide a 360 bedroom hotel (with ancillary facilities including function rooms, spa, three ground floor restaurants and bars) and a two screen cinema with 407 seat and 139 seat auditoriums. The plans were agreed on the casting vote of the Chairman of the Planning Committee Councillor Robert Davis.

Councillor Barbara Grahame, Labour Planning Spokesperson, said;

“Once again, Westminster Conservatives have gone against their own UDP planning policies and have accepted a fraction of what is required to build much needed affordable homes in Westminster. These big commercial developments are the only way of financing new affordable homes in Westminster. Yet, time after time, the Conservatives refuse to apply their own policies to secure the extra money that is owed to the community. The May elections are residents’ opportunity to vote for more Labour Councillors so that the Council’s policies can be properly applied and more money raised for new homes at prices that ordinary residents can afford”


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