Westminster Council piles on the cost of living agony with 16.5% increase in Residents’ Parking permit charge

Westminster Council has increased the cost of living burden on local residents with a staggering 16.5% increase in the cost of a Residents’ Parking permit. As one resident summed it up;

“I noticed recently that the cost of my Resident’s car parking permit in Westminster had gone up this year from £115 to £134, that’s a 16.5% increase. This seems excessive, particularly in these difficult economic times, and I wondered if you knew how such a large percentage rise could be justified? I’d be interested to hear more too about what exactly Residents are getting in return for the extra income generated for Westminster Council?”

Labour Councillors say that parking charges are now more important than the Council Tax in raising money for the Council. Westminster makes a profit of £52 million a year from parking charges and fines. In contrast, the Council Tax raises £46 million a year from the 110,000 households in Westminster, with the most expensive homes paying just £1,360 a year for Council services.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“Westminster Conservatives use parking charges as a stealth tax and they can have no justification whatsoever for a 16.5% increase in the cost of a residents’ parking permit. It is totally dishonest for the Conservatives to claim they are holding down the Council Tax rate when they are whacking up other charges instead. “

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