The Mayor’s police cuts represent a huge reduction in the overall uniform presence on Westminster’s streets.

Murad Qureshi AM has uncovered the following facts;

HR Police Station

– Since May 2010 Westminster has lost 455 police officers (28%) and has lost 291 PCSOs (77%). This represents a huge reduction in the overall uniform presence on Westminster’s streets.

– In May 2010, Westminster had 1,628 Police Officers and 378 PCSOs. The latest figures show that this has declined to 1,173 police officers and just 87 PCSOs

– In the Mayor’s Policing Plan he has promised Westminster will have 1413 police officers by 2015. This is still 215 less that Westminster had in 2010.

– Three Westminster Police Stations have now been closed – Harrow Road Police Station, Marylebone Police Station and St. John’s Wood Police Station (reported to have been sold for £8.5 million)

– In their place there are ‘contact points’ at the Beethoven Centre in Queen’s Park and St John’s Wood Library which are open on Wednesday and Thursday evening for one hour 7pm-8pm and on Saturday for one hour 2pm-3pm

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