Residents demand response from ‘arrogant’ Westminster Council over Soho demolition decision

The ‘West End Extra’ reports;

“CITY Hall chiefs faced a backlash from residents’ groups across Westminster this week in response to an open letter printed in the West End Extra.

Soho resident Andrew Murray had written to the council’s deputy leader Robert Davis asking for clarification on the decision to allow several buildings in Soho to be demolished and replaced with glass-fronted restaurants and bars.

In his open letter last month, Mr Murray called for Cllr Davis to reveal the reasoning behind the controversial decision in Walkers Court.

He said: “What bothers people most is the complete lack of trans­parency and democratic accountability.”

Instead of replying with a public letter, as is customary, Cllr Davis wrote directly to Mr Murray. Dissatisfied with the response, Mr Murray wrote another letter in the West End Extra last week.

Residents from Fitzrovia, Mayfair, Paddington and Soho are now demanding that Cllr Davis provide a complete and public response to Mr Murray’s concerns

Paddington resident Abby Jan Dharamsey, who chairs Westminster Council Estates’ Residents Group,

said: “Surely, the conscientious, concerned and affected readers should be afforded an opportunity to read this and decide if there

was adequate ‘transparency’ from the elusive deputy leader.”

Ron Whelan, who chairs the Mayfair Residents Group, said: “We in Mayfair have also experienced the arrogance of Cllr Davis and his like-minded colleagues, most recently with regard to the approval of mega basement development schemes, which are potentially disastrous for nearby home owners.”

He added: “One could be forgiven for reaching the conclusion that Westminster Council no longer cares about the residents of the West End, and is purely concerned with maximis­ing business revenues – no matter what the social cost might be.”

Cllr Davis did not respond to requests by the West End Extra to comment.”

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