Westminster Labour to consult residents on introducing 20mph speed limit

Councillor Ruth Bush has committed Labour to consulting Westminster residents on introducing 20mph speed limits on individual streets;


“We don’t believe that the whole of Westminster should necessarily become a 20mph zone. We do, though, believe that residents across the City should be proactively consulted about this. This is based not only on our belief that, in the right situation, a 20mph limit can transform safety on residential streets, but also on our experience that, when you do undertake a consultation, residents may or may not decide that a 20mph limit is what they want – but they also come up with all kinds of interesting ideas about how safety on their street may be improved, and motor transport be respected – but as servant, not master.”

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2 Responses to Westminster Labour to consult residents on introducing 20mph speed limit

  1. hughsmall says:

    A borough-wide default 20 mph speed limit in Westminster would provide additional public health benefits even to those who live in streets limited to 20 mph, for example by reducing vehicle pollution and encouraging healthy walking and cycling. These wider benefits of returning our streets to the ‘active travel’ for which they (and we) were originally designed have only recently been understood. The Cabinet Office estimates that in 2009 unhealthy streets caused about one fifth of total NHS expenditure – and Westminster is worse than average and deteriorating.
    Westminster’s council tax payers currently benefit financially from outsiders paying to maintain the streets through parking charges. They may not yet be aware of the high price they are paying in terms of the health hazard caused by making the borough attractive to incoming motorists. Crossrail service (under 30 minutes from Slough or Ilford to Bond Street for example) will erode parking income and deliver millions more ‘active travellers’ to the borough. 20 mph speed limits and other pedestrian-friendly changes are essential.
    Hugh Small
    Secretary, Westminster Living Streets

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