West End residents oppose Government plan to change the law to allow flats to become short-term holiday lets

Residents in Westminster have told us that they are opposed to the Government plan to change the law to allow flats to become short-term holiday lets. Here are some of the comments we have received from West End residents;

“The blocks of flats that we live in are our HOMES and short lets deplete the quality of life for residents. There are also security and safety issues – never knowing who will be living beside you, who you will meet in the lift, who has a key etc. It will be a serious threat to our right to live in quiet enjoyment. There are also wear and tear issues on the building, meaning that lessees will have to pay more in service charges potentially. It will make blocks of flats very difficult to manage effectively by residents or their managing agents.”

“Kris Hopkins, Housing Minister, seems to want to scrap the short let legislation applying to London. I think this would be disastrous and would encourage second home owners or landlords with flats or houses to effectively start competing with hotels and the nature of London ‘village communities’ would change. People would be transient with no sense of community and no particular desire to look after our heritage. “

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