Westminster North Private Rented Sector Survey: Results and Conclusions

Karen Buck MP has released the findings from her Westminster North Private Rented Sector Survey

“Following on from the survey I undertook on basement conversions in early 2013, a survey on the Private Rented Sector was distributed just before Christmas last year which aimed to uncover a further snapshot of another issue affecting many people living in Westminster.

Westminster has one of the highest private rented sectors in the UK – at twice the national average, 2 out of 5 Westminster homes are now being rented from a private landlord. ‘Generation Rent’ is a label frequently used to refer to the growing number of families, couples and single people who are unable save for a deposit for their own home because of the cost of renting, and are unable to move to cheaper rented accommodation because of the lack of affordable properties in and around London.

What I hope these results will provide is a fair and broad experience of renters in my constituency of Westminster North and an understanding of the situation faced by a growing number of people.

To read the full report on my website, go to;


If you wish to share you experience of the Private Rented Sector or raise another issue, please feel free to email me at,


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