Westminster City Council to stop funding all full time places in its nursery schools and nursery classes from September 2015

Westminster City Council is proposing to stop funding all full time places in its nursery schools and nursery classes from September 2015. Schools will then have to choose between charging parents for any hours over the 15 hours the Government is funding or only providing part time places.

Mary Paterson Nursery school says this is a bad proposal for the following reasons:

• The loss of full time places would damage young children’s all round education. When children have full time places at nursery, they are able to develop their intellectual, physical and creative skills in a secure and familiar environment, with adults who know them very well. This helps them make a smooth transition to school.
• Mary Paterson nursery school welcomes children from many different social, economic, religious, linguistic and ethnic backgrounds. This diversity makes our school a warm and vibrant place where children learn to live in harmony. If full time places were only available to families able to pay for them, that would immediately be excluding an important sector of our community. The school would be poorer for this
• Charging would also increase disadvantage for summer born children. If parents have to pay for full time places, how many would defer entry to reception?

Labour Councillors agree with Mary Paterson Nursery School and calls on Westminster Council to reverse this decision.

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