Conservative parents are learning some hard lessons in Marylebone free school wrangle

The ‘West End Extra’ reports;


“TEMPERATURES are rising in the fight to find a permanent site for Marylebone Boys’ Schools (MBS) as parents, eager to secure the best education for their children, are becoming increasingly frustrated with the council for not pitching in.

And it seems they may take that frustration to the ballot box in May.

From start to finish the proposal to open a new free school offering “traditional values” and “academically rigorous education” appears to be an overtly Conservative endeavour.

Of the three-person team behind the school, two have strong links to the local Tory party.

The director Laura Royde was, until recently, the deputy chair of Hyde Park ward Conservatives.

She said she stepped down to focus her efforts on opening MBS.

Hyde Park ward Conservative councillor Antonia Cox is also in the school’s “founder group”.

Together they are demonstrating the ideals of the Tory flagship policy, The Big Society, by giving up their spare time to open a free school.

Free schools, of course, are being championed by Tory education secretary Michael Gove.

So it is with some surprise then that Diary greets the news that parents who support the school feel the urge to change the habit of a lifetime and vote Labour.

But, according to one parent, the “obstinate” behaviour of Westminster City Council and the Conservative councillors in charge, has forced them to reconsider their long-standing political loyalties.

James van Bregt, who is leading a group of parents urging City Hall to intervene, said he felt the council’s view was “we wish you luck but we have other priorities”.

He said: “I’ve never ever dreamed of voting Labour in my life, but that’s the way it’s going. It’s all I have, but what else can you do.”

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