The continuing saga of the Harrow Road Post Office with no Post Box

Maida Hill post office

Labour Councillors have repeated their plea to the Royal Mail to install a post box outside the Maida Hill Post Office on Harrow Road. Surprisingly, the Royal Mail, not the Post Office, is responsible for Post Boxes.

Currently, there is post box outside the post office to post letters. To post a stamped letter at the post office you have to enter and wait in line to give it to a teller. To make matters worse, there is a door next to the main entrance that looks exactly as though it is part of the post office and has a mail slot set into it. Many post office users post letters through this private letter box thinking it is a post box.

In December 2013 Councillor Ruth Bush, Harrow Road ward, wrote an email to James Mitchell at the Royal Mail ( ;

“I wrote to you on 7 November about the lack of a Post Box at the newly refurbished Maida Hill Post Office. I do not appear to have had a reply. We have no Post Box, and now we learn that people are putting mail in the next door letter box. Please let me know as soon as possible when a Post Box will be placed at the Maida Hill Post Office location. I cannot imagine why this was not co-ordinated with the refurbishment, and I don’t have to tell you how very inconvenient this for people, especially in the run-up to Christmas. Is there any way of making an immediate temporary provision available inside the door, so that people don’t have to queue up?”

Having received no response, in March 2014 Councillor Bush has written again to Mr Mitchell, by email:

“Concern about the absence of a Post Box at the recently refurbished Maida Hill Post Office continues and, in fact, grows. I have had no response from you to the email below. I have today received further information about residents’ annoyance that there is still nowhere to post their letters at the Post Office. Please let me know as a matter of urgency when a new Post Box will be installed outside this Post Office.”

As one resident remarked;

“This is not a life and death issue but it does affect a lot of people in the community and it’s little things like this can lift the tone of a place for the better.”

So, come on Royal Mail and gives us a post box!

See the ‘Evening Standard’ story

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