Sutherland Avenue/Randolph Avenue road safety plea


Labour Councillors have called for measures to improve road safety in the Maida Vale and Little Venice area after receiving the following distressing message from a local resident;

“I just wanted to let you know that we have had 2 serious accidents on the corner of Randolph Avenue and Sutherland Avenue (crossing from the Warrington pub to St Josephs School). On 2 April in the morning there was an accident involving 2 cars (police and ambulance were there). And today 840am, 3rd April there was a 10 year boy cyclist was involved in an accident (ambulance and police were there again). Very distressing for all the neighbours. Cars are not stopping on both the pedestrian crossing (this happens all the time). Cars are driving too fast and not stopping also when you cross from the Warrington pub to St Joseph’s School. You definitely take your life in your own hands when you cross in that area. I know, I’ve been living in the neighbourhood for 8 years.”

Last month, Labour Councillors started an on-line petition calling for a 20mph speed limit in Elgin Avenue which has so far attracted over 200 signatures


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