Time for safer Westminster streets

Karen Buck MP writes;

Over recent months, a real head of steam has been building up over the issue of road safety. Whether the local campaigns are focused on new crossings, “time to cross” or lower speed limits, more and more people want to make our city safer, especially for pedestrians and cyclists.

Along with Labour councillors, schools and residents, I have been pushing particularly hard for improvements in the following areas:

Saltram Crescent

car crash 2car crash 1

Many local people have contacted me to express safety fears about this stretch of road and I called on the Council to take action last month. We have had some progress and officers from the council have been asked to look seriously at introducing traffic calming measures and a chicane of trees has been mentioned as a possibility. Local councillors and I would be very interested to hear your views on whether this could be a workable solution. You can sign the petition here http://petitions.westminster.gov.uk/SaltramCrescent/

Harrow Road and Chippenham Road

In a campaign led by St Peter’s Primary School on Chippenham Mews, parents are calling for measures to protect children travelling to and from school. This has already resulted in the Council agreeing to a new crossing, but parents want more to slow traffic around the Chippenham Road/Mews area. The Council are now looking at the feasibility of putting in better signage and planters to narrow the carriageway and I am pushing for action to be taken as soon as possible.

Elgin Avenue, Maida Vale


Residents are calling for a 20mph speed limit to be introduced on a busy Westminster road where a pensioner was killed by a tipper truck two weeks ago.The truck, which was loaded down with rubble, was leaving a site in Tamplin Mews where contractors working for Thames Water are excavating tonnes of earth to make way for vast water chambers that will reduce the risk of flooding in the area. A petition has been launched calling on Westminster Council to introduce a 20mph speed limit in Elgin Avenue. It states that the “road is becoming more dangerous as drivers speed up and down to the detriment of pedestrians and cyclists”. Both Camden and Islington have already implemented a 20mph limit throughout the borough, and we can see no reason why similar speed control measures should not apply in Westminster.The petition can be signed here http://petitions.westminster.gov.uk/ElginAvenue/

Sutherland Avenue


Having heard concerns expressed by parents and residents, a petition has also been launched, calling on the Council to take action to improve road safety at the junction of Sutherland Avenue and Randolph Avenue outside St Joseph’s School

Please sign the petition http://petitions.westminster.gov.uk/SutherlandAve/

Do you know anywhere else where traffic speeds, rat-runs or inadequate crossing times are an issue? Please let me know.

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