Council to debate road safety in Westminster

Pedestrian safety on Westminster’s roads will be the subject of debate at the 30th April meeting of Westminster City Council when Labour Councillors have put down the following motion;

“This Council notes with deep concern the tragic pedestrian road fatalities in the Chippenham Road/Harrow Road/Elgin Avenue area over the past 18 months. These fatalities, together with accidents elsewhere at the Sutherland Avenue/Randolph Avenue junction outside St Joseph’s Primary School, in Saltram Crescent and along Grosvenor Road where residents are calling for a traffic island, are a clear sign that action is required to improve road safety for pedestrians. The Council therefore instructs officers to investigate all locations where there have been road traffic accidents involving pedestrians over the past two years with a view to bringing forward proposals to reduce the number of accidents. In particular, officers are asked to identify those streets where a 20mph speed limit would help to reduce accidents”

The motion will be moved by Councillor Adam Hug and seconded by Councillor Ruth Bush.

The Council meeting is at Porchester Hall, W2 and starts at 7pm

As part of Labour’s campaign to improve road safety the following petitions have been launched;

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