Jubilee Sports Centre demolition will cut the heart out of Queens Park

Westminster Conservatives’ decision to demolish the Jubilee Sports centre will cut the heart out of Queen’s Park, according to local residents and Labour Councillors.

jubilee meeting

Queen’s Park Labour Councillor Barrie Taylor said;

“Since July 2012, when we submitted over 5000 signatories, the single largest petition ever generated in Queens Park, we have called for improved consultation on the impact that the planned closure of Jubilee Sports Centre would have on the local community. We have continually stated that we are in support of improving the quality of local sports and leisure facilities, but this project will do the opposite”

“The closure of Jubilee is seen by local people as cutting the heart out of Queen’s Park. It was originally a replacement swimming and leisure facility for working people and its excellent reputation has continued to this day. One serious instance of the poor consultation is the redevelopment of the external football pitch at Moberly and moving the pitch to a site at St Augustine’s School, based in South Kilburn. We have regularly raised this obvious lack of understanding about youth and gang culture territories, but a decision was made to proceed. “

“Too many of our local sports facilities need to be booked and paid for – which freezes out many younger and poorer residents. Under the present plans the Basketball Court behind the Jubilee will disappear. We have strong messages from local parents that their children and youngsters need somewhere where they do not need to book or pay to play ball games. “

“72 new homes will be built on the site of the Jubilee for sale at open market prices. As nearby new build homes have been advertised for sale at £800 – £900,000 for 1 and 2 bed properties, these new flats and houses will be out-of-reach of most local people, and will do nothing to relieve housing need. Westminster Council has £100 million in its Housing Revenue Account, and we consider it can afford to make sure some of these homes are made available for social rent & low-cost ownership.”

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