Westminster Labour pledges Council Tax freeze to tackle the Cost of Living crisis

Labour Councillors have pledged to freeze the Council Tax in order to tackle the Cost of Living Crisis. Also, Labour will;

• Ensure that Council rents rise at no faster than inflation
• Make sure that the cost of school meals and sports and leisure charges rise by no more than inflation
• Keep the cost of a Residents’ Parking permit linked to inflation

As a key Manifesto Priority Labour will cut out over £4 million of waste at City Hall and redirect the extra money to helping residents. We will;

• Freeze the Council Tax by cutting Council waste
• Save £3 million a year by cutting the amount spent on temporary agency staff
• Save £1 million a year by cutting the Council’s public relations budget, including scrapping the ‘Westminster Reporter’
• Save £74,000 a year by axing payments to Deputy Cabinet Members and Vice-chairmen of Policy and Scrutiny committees
• Save £30,000 a year by cutting the amount spent on payments to Scrutiny Commission Members
• Save £20,000 a year by cutting the amount spent by the Lord Mayor on hospitality
• Nominate a Councillor to act as ‘Waste Cutting Czar’ to scrutinise all new Council appointments and new expenditure proposals

In addition, we will;

• Cut the cost of back-office services by working with other boroughs to share services – computers, legal, HR, payroll
• Increase the Council Tax to 150% on long-term empty homes
• Press for more bands at the higher end of Council Tax so that those who are able to pay more towards Council services can do so

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“Providing high quality and affordable services to residents and businesses is our top priority and we will scrutinise every penny we spend to ensure we are getting value-for-money. The Conservatives have wasted so much money over the years. For example, £200,000 has been spent keeping the Balmoral Castle pub in Churchill Gardens empty for the past 8 years when the money could have been better spent renovating the building and using it for the local community”

“We will also end the current Council rip-off practice of increasing cost of rents, services and parking by more than inflation. We understand that residents are living on tight budgets and we will not impose inflation-busting charges on hard-pressed residents and businesses”

A copy of the full Manifesto is here 2014 Council Election Manifesto

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