Hyde Park ward campaign moves into top gear

HP Campaign meeting

Hyde Park Ward Labour Candidates Firase Morgan, met with branch chair Jack Gordon and Leader of the Labour Group, Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg to discuss campaign strategy and the issues raised by residents. Residents have told us of the key issues for Hyde Park residents;

Short term lets

“Yes it is a problem but only in certain buildings. Things are being done but not certain how effective it has been (the summer will tell) – there are still short lets in Coniston Court and there are still many at 25 Porchester Place. Most of them are ‘medical tourists’. The only way these can be eradicated is by the managing agent of the buildings to take a proactive stance.”

Commercial Waste and other rubbish dumping

“Commercial premises putting their rubbish, which includes food, out in the street in plastic bags last thing at night. They are rummaged by foxes and contents are spilled out all over the pavement and road – even if it is eventually cleared up it is sometimes there for the most part of the day. It looks horrible.”

“The spillages of rice & old bits of chicken remained on Connaught Street for the majority of the day yesterday”

“The daily dumping of bags, loose rubbish, by the trees in Hyde Park Place, Bayswater Road, W2”

Dog Mess

In Connaught Street, Kendal Street, Albion Terrace and Porchester Place

Proliferation of shisha cafes

“The proliferation of shisha cafes with all the open charcoal burners being left unattended on the pavement or being swung around in the air, I can’t believe that they aren’t a health and safety hazard”

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15 Responses to Hyde Park ward campaign moves into top gear

  1. Joel Freeman says:

    So good to see a young man going into politics and willing to represent the community. I do hope he does win. Good luck Firase.

  2. Joel Freeman says:

    Give him the right tools and the support!! He won’t disappoint. Give him a CHANCE HYDE PARK RESIDENCE!!

  3. Joel Carter says:

    Breath of fresh air. Great to see younger people finally represented!

  4. Victoria kenway says:

    Couldn’t have put it better myself.
    I live in a Tory area and all my neighbours, as I am, say they intend to vote Labour. That said and having lived in a Tory local authority controlled area, I would not wish it upon anyone. The sole priority – forget basic services like getting the bin emptied – is to protect their core vote element.

  5. Damian Hughes says:

    He’s a real talented, enthusiastic individual!! Good luck to him and I am more than happy to help him!!

  6. Spencer Martin says:

    We need a new CHANGE! You have my vote.

  7. Andy peters says:

    We need a change in this community!

  8. Stacey says:

    Good luck Firase, you will be getting my vote. Hope you get all the support you need to turn this around. It was loverly speaking you and thank you for listening to me, All the best.Stacey.

  9. Rebecca says:

    Loverly boy!! Good luck to him.

  10. Emily says:

    Isn’t there meant to be three candidates for Labour. I only see Firase around what happened to the others. No support for the young man!!

  11. Hesham says:

    Vote for FIRASE!!!!

  12. Dave says:

    Well done Firase!! Hopefully this isn’t your last time you will run.

  13. Tom says:

    Well done Firase hopefully this isn’t the last time you will run!! Hope this is just the start of a glittering career in politics for you.

  14. Steven says:

    Good luck sweetie!! Amazing leaflet. Hope everyone gives you a chance. You have my vote.

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