Westminster Labour announces Fairer Parking charges pledge

Westminster Labour Councillors have announced a Fairer Parking charges pledge as part of their Manifesto for the City Council elections on 22nd May.

Labour’s Fairer Parking proposals include the following;

• We will limit increases in the cost of residents’ parking permits and parking charges to inflation for the next four years.
• We will encourage the use of vehicles using non-fossil fuel by halving the cost of parking permits for such vehicles.
• We will review parking regulations outside shopping parades so that shoppers and traders are not penalised for minor infringements of the parking regulations.
• We will introduce a ‘Resident Roamer’ scheme to all those with a residents parking permit to park in any residents’ bay for free between 11am and 3pm. This will be good for local businesses and local High Streets as residents, carers and others around during the day can support the local economy by going shopping/out for lunch etc.
• We will install double yellow lines at all dropped kerb locations. We need a system that everyone understands and protects the rights of pedestrians, as well as being absolutely clear to motorists.
• We will establish a ‘Westminster Parking Forum’ to which representatives of motorists, motor bikers, trade delivery companies, residents and pedestrians will be invited to join to ensure that the Council’s parking policies and charges are fair and equitable.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“Westminster Conservatives have earned a well-deserved reputation for treating motorists as a ‘cash machine’. The West End parking charges fiasco two years ago provoked an unprecedented outcry from local residents, businesses, restaurants, theatres, musicians and late night workers. This year the cost of a Resident’s Parking Permit has increased by 16.5%. Labour will introduce fairer parking charges and regulations. There is no doubt that we need clear and fair parking controls, but the current perception amongst many drivers is that the Council uses parking charges and fines to maximise its income. The fact that the Council now raises over £50 million from parking charges and fines and just £43 million from Council Tax payers reinforces this widely held view.”

A copy of the Labour Manifesto is attached here 2014 Council Election Manifesto

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