Labour calls for improvements to Royal Oak Underground Station

Murad Qureshi, Labour Member of the London Assembly, has called for improvements to Royal Oak Underground Station.

Royal Oak

In a letter to Mike Brown, Managing Director of London Underground, Murad Qureshi said;

“I recently travelled through Royal Oak underground station, and noticed that the stairs leading down to the platform looked to be in very poor condition with torn and filthy surfaces. I watched a mother trying to drag her pram up the stairs and the condition of the steps made this an even more difficult task. My concern is that these steps in their current condition present a real health and safety threat to commuters and therefore should be assessed and improved at the earliest opportunity. Can you please confirm the last time these stairs were maintained and when the next programme of repairs is planned in the future?

The ideal of course would be for a lift facility to be provided up to the Bridge from the platform not only for parents with prams, but also for the disabled and those with heavy luggage and shopping. Has there been any feasibility study for the provision of a lift and if not why?”

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