Labour sets out plans for increasing road safety and cutting traffic congestion, pollution and noise in Westminster

Labour Councillors have set out their plans for increasing road safety and cutting traffic congestion, pollution and noise in Westminster.

• We will consult residents on introducing a 20 mph speed limit in residential areas to cut deaths and serious injuries on the roads. This will cut accidents by 40%, save 8 lives and 600 injuries every year, as well as saving £50 million a year in hospital, police, ambulance and other costs.
• We will oppose further cuts in the time pedestrians have to cross the road at ‘green man’ traffic-light junctions.
• We will encourage more car-free developments, particularly in locations that are close to underground/train/bus transport hubs.
• We will remove the requirement that new social housing must include a parking space for each unit – this will also reduce the cost of providing social housing in Westminster.
• We will set a target of 20% of all cars in Westminster to be run on non-fossil fuel by 2014.
• We will encourage more cycling by providing more cycle parking bays.
• We will require that at least 10% of any new development’s energy use comes from renewable sources.
• We support including the whole of Westminster in the Mayor’s Ultra Low Emission Zone to ban the oldest diesel vehicles of all sorts, including cars, from 1 January 2020 and a more stringent scheme to include additional and meaningful reductions in regulated air pollutants, by May 2018.
• We will review the Council’s existing 2010-15 noise strategy to assess what progress has been made in achieving its objectives and to set clear, meaningful and measurable targets for the next five year period to achieve a real reduction in noise levels.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“We know that residents want traffic speeds to be reduced so that our roads can become safer. Over recent years there have been too many fatal and serious accidents on Westminster’s roads and we pledge to consult residents on introducing a 20mph speed limit wherever necessary. Cutting pollution and noise levels is another key task that a Labour Council would pursue vigorously in order to improve health and the quality of everyday life”.

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