Westminster Labour pledges Safer Communities and an attack on Anti-Social Behaviour

Westminster Labour Councillors have pledged to create Safer Communities and to mount an attack on Anti-Social Behaviour, as part of their Manifesto for this month’s Council elections.

Labour Councillors say they will work with the police to get more police and local Westminster Wardens on the streets, both day and night, so that residents can feel safer and more secure. In addition, Labour will;

• Improve street lighting.
• Adopt a policy of ‘early intervention’ to deal with any potential growth of gang activity and the ‘gun culture’.
• We will enforce tenancy agreements to evict those responsible for repeated anti-social behaviour and will work with the police, youth offending teams and probation service to deal with the causes of anti-social behaviour. We will extend mediation services and voluntary parenting classes.
• We will take enforcement action against those bar and night club owners who operate without the necessary planning and licensing consents.
• We will work closely with the police to rid our streets and estates of the drug barons and their pushers.
• We will take strong action against those shops which sell alcohol outside permitted hours or to those under 18.
• Work closely with the police to rid the streets of illegal mini-cabs.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“Safety and security issues are right at the top of residents’ concerns and we will work closely with the police, housing providers and local residents to tackle anti-social behaviour in all its forms. We value the great work done by our Safer Neighbourhood Team and we will build on this so that residents feel safer in their local community”

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