Westminster Labour to introduce a ‘Councillors’ Contract’ to ensure high standards and first class service

Westminster’s Labour Councillors have promised to introduce a ‘Councillors’ Contract’ to ensure high standards and first class service from all Councillors.

Labour say they will

• Introduce a ‘Councillor’s Contract’ to ensure that all Councillors are accessible, involved and responsive.
• Continue to hold regular weekly Advice Surgeries for residents in Church Street, Queen’s Park, Westbourne and Harrow Road wards
• We will extend our weekly advice surgeries to the new areas represented by successful Labour Candidates
• Deal as speedily and efficiently as possible with letters, emails and phone calls from residents
• Consult with residents and local groups on the Ward Budgets and other key community issues
• Keep you in touch with what we are doing through regular reports
• Attend Residents’ Association, Amenity Society and other meetings and listen to local community organisations so that residents have more say and control of their local area.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“At a time when politicians of all parties are in low esteem, we pledge to aspire to high standards and first class service. We already hold four weekly advice surgeries to serve residents in Queen’s Park, Harrow Road, Westbourne and Church Street Wards and we will extend this face-to-face service across Westminster when new Labour Councillors are elected on Thursday.”

“Labour Councillors have already championed the creation of the first Community Council in London for over 50 years and we are keen to work closely with residents in Queen’s Park and elsewhere in Westminster to give them a bigger say in local affairs.”

Printed and promoted by A. Whitley on behalf of Westminster Labour Party at 4g Shirland Mews, W9

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