Plea for safer pedestrian crossings across Marylebone Road

Labour Councillors have called on Transport for London to give pedestrians more time to cross the busy Marylebone Road at its junction with Cosway Street.

Leader of the Labour Group, Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, who lives nearby, says that many residents have contacted him with their fears that the current timings do not give pedestrians enough time to cross safely. Typical comments include;

“Can we still ask for your help with getting the lights at Marylebone Road and Cosway street working to the advantage of pedestrians NOT motorists. It is still very difficult to cross in one go, and still needs to be fixed. As previously stated, pedestrians should come first. I have seen children running and parents and not being able to make it which really is dangerous!! Please can they fix the lights so we can get across in one go and not be polluted by the fumes while standing in the middle of the road. It is unfair to people who do not have cars and want to help the environment. Westminster have changed the timing of these lights which has been disastrous for pedestrians, children and Westminster residents. We ask again for your help.”

“Regarding the crossings of Marylebone Road at Cosway Street (and other locations), I want to reinforce the message that they are inadequate for the task of crossing the road, making people wait in the middle for minutes at a time. However, there are three other issues which are related:

• All the East-West crossings on the North side of Marylebone Road lack traffic control, so pedestrians have to take their chances and dodge traffic. This is unsafe.
• Drivers at the pedestrian crossing of the Westwards lane of Marylebone Road at Cosway Street/Old Marylebone Road tend to not see the lights, and frequently drive straight through a red light, despite pedestrians crossing the road at the time. This is unsafe.
• Drivers turning left from Marylebone Road into Old Marylebone Road have a habit of avoiding the left-most lane as they think it is a bus lane. They then turn left from the middle lane, cutting across traffic and cyclists, and frequently surprising pedestrians crossing the road, who cannot see them due to a telecommunications box obscuring their view. This is unsafe.

My wife and I cross this crossing multiple times a day, frequently with our three-month-old son in a pram. We are familiar with the problems, and take special care, yet still don’t feel safe. Others we see are at more risk. It certainly makes me want to move…”

“With regards to the crossings on Marylebone Road around Cosway Street, I confirm that it is possible to get across in one go if you start running the moment the little man on the lights change to green on the first side and then keep on running as the little man on the other side turns red so you can just get to the other side before the cars start to move. Most people don’t manage it”.

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