No room for affordable homes in Mayfair housing plans – but plenty of room for a gym, swimming pool and banqueting suite

Canadian high commission

Plans for the redevelopment of the Canadian High Commission building in Mayfair to provide 41 luxury apartments will include no affordable housing but will include a gym, swimming pool and banqueting suite and 53 parking spaces.

Proposals for the 18,393 square metre scheme, at 1-3 Grosvenor Square within the Mayfair Conservation Area, include the demolition of the existing seven storey building and its replacement with a nine storey building with a new lower basement level. The existing Grosvenor Square and Grosvenor Street facades are to be retained under the plans.

The new building is proposed to contain 41 apartments for market sale, with between one and six bedrooms. The plans include a gym, swimming pool and banqueting suite on the ground and lower ground levels and 53 parking spaces in the new lower basement.

A payment in lieu of the provision of affordable housing has been proposed by the Lodha Group who say that on-site provision of affordable housing is unviable and a search for suitable donor sites has been unsuccessful.

Councillor Guthrie McKie, Labour’s Housing Spokesperson, said;

“Isn’t it convenient that there is plenty of room for a gym, swimming pool and banqueting suite but no room for affordable housing? Westminster is in the grip of the biggest housing crisis for generations yet affordable housing appears to have no priority in these plans. There is no shortage of luxury flats, gyms, swimming pools and banqueting suites in the West End, but there is a massive need for more social housing and Westminster Council should reject these plans and tell the developers to go back to the drawing board and include on-site social housing”

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