Lupus Street Post Office to stay open after massive community campaign

The news that the Post Office has decided to kep open the Lupus Street Post Office has been warmly welcomed by Churchill Labour Councillors Murad Gassanly, Shamin Talukder and Jason Williams who say that the decision is a victory for the whole community which came together to campaign against the closure plans.

The Churchill Councillors say that the cross party campaign involving local residents and businesses, Communication Workers Union members, MPs and Councillors from both parties sent an overwhelming message to the Post Office that the closure plans would be fought and resisted right across the Pimlico area.

A Johnson POffice

Labour say that the support of former Home Secretary and CWU General Secretary Alan Johnson MP, who twice joined the Post Office Action Days, was a crucial factor in the victory campaign.

Councillor Murad Gassanly said;

“We worked closely with the Churchill Gardens Residents Association and the Communications Workers Union who ensured effective cooperation between the staff, residents and local businesses.”

Councillor Shamim Talukder said;

“This is excellent news for Churchill residents, it is of paramount importance that essential services such as the Crown Post Office is easily available for all residents. “Save Lupus Street Crown Post Office campaign is an example of just how effective local campaigning can be.”

Councillor Jason Williams welcomed the announcement saying;

“The Lupus St Post office is an important community asset and one which has now been saved for the community. Lupus Street traders use the Post Office banking facilities and if this post office were to close, local businesses would lose this important business facility.”

Nik Slingsby, Labour Candidate for the Cities of London & Westminter has hailed the saving of the Lupus Street Post Office:

“I’m delighted that our tireless campaign to save the Lupus Street Post Office has succeeded. It’s a terrific victory for our community and demonstrates the success that can be achieved by our residents and the Labour Party in the City of London & Westminster fighting to protect our public services”.

The full Post Office announcement is below;


• Decision not to proceed with proposed merger into two other branches
• Branch to remain at Lupus Street following review of service in area
• Vauxhall Bridge Road and Eccleston Street branches also to receive investment

Post Office has announced that it will retain and invest in its Lupus Street service following a review of Post Office services in the area.

It had been proposed that Lupus Street Post Office would in the future be merged into the Eccleston Street and Vauxhall Bridge Road branches, however discussions around the plans and a review of service provision in the area have led to a decision to retain the branch.

Roger Gale, General Manager of the Crown Post Office network, said: “We hope that customers will be pleased that we have decided to retain our Lupus Street service.

“Following lengthy discussions about the best way forward, particularly considering changes to other branches in the Westminster area, we have decided to retain the branch as circumstances have changed since the original proposal was made.”

As part of wider plans to modernise its network, Post Office is now set to invest in Lupus Street Post Office as well as its Vauxhall Bridge Road and Eccleston Street branches, providing brighter, more modern retail environments for customers that will include new counters and new self-service options.

Further details of plans for these branches will be disclosed over the coming months.

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