Outcry at long-delayed Queen’s Park building site

Labour Councillors have demanded answers from Westminster Council following the long-delayed start of work on new homes and a new housing office on the vacant site in Bruckner Street which used to be the Queen’s Park Housing Office.

Labour say that the Queen’s Park Housing Office in Bruckner Street moved to Maida Vale Office in June 2013 and the Bruckner Street building was demolished a short time after this and is now surrounded by an ugly hoarding. The Council say that work cannot start on the new homes until they have sorted out two rights of light problems with neighbouring residents.

Queen’s Park Councillor Patricia McAllister said;

“There has not been a Housing Office in Queen’s Park for 14 months and residents have to trek to Maida Vale. Meanwhile all work has stopped and residents have to put up with an ugly hoarding around the site”.

“Does anyone at the Council know what is going on? The Planning papers mentioned contamination in the soil at the site. Has this issue been resolved? We are now told the delays to the new homes are about the right to light issues in two adjacent properties. Why was this not mentioned before? What stage has been reached in the negotiations? When can residents expect completion of the works and a new Estate Office? What is being done about this unsightly area and the ghastly hoarding which residents are complaining about?”

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