Big Dance Bus checks in at the Paddington Festival

Pad Arts Dance Group

Not deterred by the fierce wind and rain, the Big Dance bus parked up on 10th August at Maida Hill marketplace and immediately set about getting themselves ready for an afternoon of free dance performances and activities.

The Big Dance Bus has its own dance floor, pumping sound system, DJ and a professional touring dance company, who present a programme of different dance styles – including Street, Swing, Tango, Dancehall, Breaking, Folk and Bollywood. A special appearance was also made on Sunday by a pair of modern ballet dancers. The event was the 13th of 17 events in 2014 across the UK. It was promoted by Paddington Arts – who also introduced spectacular performances by local youth dance groups. There were plenty of opportunities for everyone to take part with the free workshops in a range of dance styles.

Paddington Arts, led by Steve Shaw and Eldora Edward, were not surprised by local people not being fazed by ‘Bertha’. On the contrary, there were serious periods of high sunshine, when the dance floor became crowded with budding dancers and professionals.

Barrie Taylor, Paddington Festival Chair, had this to say about the event,

“Performers and local people displayed true Londoners’ grit and desire to face out the elements in order to take part in the dancing. Many of the children present, including one of my own grandchildren, were spellbound by the performances – especially the hula-hoop and the ballet.”

Big Dance Bus – The Foundation for Community Dance manage the Big Dance national programme. Phone: 011 62 53 34 53
Paddington Arts: phone: 020 72 86 27 22

Paddington Festival – Free programme + sign up for weekly enewsletter more photos:

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