Westminster Labour Councillors challenge substandard care at Forrester Court care home

Westminster’s Labour Councillors are deeply concerned that Care UK’s Forrester Court care and nursing home in Cirencester Street, Paddington, has been slammed by the Government’s Care Quality Commission in a new inspection report for failing its core standard of Providing care, treatment and support that meets people’s needs, despite having been warned about possible failings earlier this year by Westminster’s own Healthwatch advisory group.

The CQC’s July inspection found:

• Evidence that indicated care plans were not always being followed and that recommended actions were not always undertaken
• Concerns over the level of training of staff to deal with falls and consistency of record keeping.
• That people did not have access to call bells whilst sitting in the day room and that staff were not always present to supervise and that call bells in people’s rooms were not always easy to access.
• A significant number of people were left alone in their rooms and not engaged in any form of activity, a breach of their care plans, and that many residents in day rooms were not being occupied or being able to take part in activities.

Care UK had been warned of problems at Forrester Court by Westminster’s Healthwatch in May 2014 and was expected to respond to these concerns within 20 days. The Healthwatch report identified potential areas for improvement around: Eating and nutrition, Bathrooms, Environment, Activities, Privacy, Residents’ safety, Residents’ wellbeing, Call bells, Staff communication and Complaints and abuse. A number of these failings were confirmed by the recent CQC report. The vast majority of the residents at the home came from Westminster, with most of the places funded by Westminster Council.

Labour Councillors have called on Westminster Council to put pressure on Care UK to get them to rapidly address the problems in the standards of care at Forrester Court and called for an urgent meeting of the Council’s Adults, Health and Public Protection Policy & Scrutiny Committee to question Care UK about their failings. Labour Councillors want to ensure that these failings are addressed before Care UK is considered for new contracts to deliver care services in Westminster.

Councillor Adam Hug, Deputy Leader of the Labour Group, said:

“Care UK needs to act fast to improve the quality of care it provides to Westminster’s elderly and vulnerable citizens at Forester Court. It is deeply concerning that a significant number of residents at Forrester Court were being left alone and isolated, without being given meaningful activities to keep their spirits up. Westminster Council must get answers about why our residents have been let down like this.”

Care UK, a private company with 2013 operating profits (EBITDA) of £56.2 million currently operates four care homes in Westminster.

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