Labour reveals TfL plans to cut tube station staff in Westminster

Ticket office

Figures obtained by Labour’s London Assembly Member Murad Qureshi show that the following Westminster stations will see major staff cuts

– Edgware Road (Bakerloo) – 46% (or 7.1 full time equivalent staff)
– Edgware Road (Hammersmith & City) – 43% (or 8 full time equivalent staff)
– Great Portland Street – 31% (or 4.3 full time equivalent staff)
– Queens Park – 25% (or 4 full time equivalent staff)
– St James’s Park – 20% (or 2.8 full time equivalent staff)
– Pimlico – 16% (or 1.8 full time equivalent staff)
– Charing Cross – 15% (or 4.4 full time equivalent staff)

A further 10 stations in Westminster face proposed staff cuts of more than 10%

The projected changes show that 216 stations in London will have their staffing numbers cut, with around 588 staff due to be shed in total across the underground network.

The staff cuts will come as part of the planned closure of all the capital’s tube station ticket offices, despite the Mayor previously pledging to protect all ticket offices from cuts. The staff cuts vary across the tube station network with some stations losing over half their staff.

Murad Qureshi AM, said:

“It beggars belief that, with tube fares due to rise by 2.5% in January, Boris Johnson has the nerve to cut front line staffing levels at stations by an average of 16% across London. In Westminster we will lose 46% of staff from Edgware Road (Bakerloo) for example, leaving passengers being forced to pay more money for less staff support.”

“Politicians are often in the business of demanding more for less. It seems in this case Boris Johnson is happy with tube passengers getting less for more.”

“The issue isn’t necessarily whether staff are based in ticket offices or on the station concourse, but whether staffing levels can provide all customers – especially the disabled and elderly – with a good service. I am calling on TfL to address this issue and to await the outcome of TravelWatch’s consultation survey before finalising plans. It is deplorable that TfL is not carrying out its own station by station consultation, so it is even more important that they take TravelWatch’s findings into account.”

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