Paddington Council flat left vacant for over 5 years – £30,000 lost in rent and rates

Westminster Council has lost over £30,000 in rent and rates after a one bed room Council flat in Bravington Road, north Paddington was left vacant for over 5 years. The flat, at 6A Bravington Road, became vacant in July 2009 and has not been occupied since because the freeholder failed to do necessary repair works.
According to the Council;

“6 Bravington Road comprises two properties 6A and 6B. 6B Bravington is a privately owned unit and the owner of this property also owns the freehold of 6 Bravington, having purchased this from the Council in February 1995. The council have retained a leasehold interest in 6A and this flat became vacant in July 2009. At this time it was identified that significant damp proofing works were required to the property to bring it into habitable condition. These works are the responsibility of the freeholder and despite our best efforts we have been unable to resolve this matter with the freeholder. More recently, in February 2014, the decision was taken to dispose of this one bedroom property, the sale has now been agreed and is progressing.”

Councillor Patricia McAllister, Labour Councillor for Queen’s Park Ward, said;

“It is a scandal that this property has been vacant for over 5 years when it could have been providing a home for someone and generating income for the Council. The Council has clearly failed to require the freeholder to maintain the property that was sold to them and this has cost the Council over £30,000 in lost rent and rates. This is an appalling situation for which Westminster Conservatives should be thoroughly ashamed.”

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