More rubbish on Marylebone streets

According to Amanda Feeny, Chair of the Harrowby and District Residents’ Association and Marylebone Association Committee Member

“Piles of rubbish are becoming all too common in the streets of Marylebone and I wonder if Westminster Council needs to approach the problem differently.

Marylebone Rubbish
Westminster has always had a large transient population but there has been a considerable rise in the number of short term lets in and around our area since landlords can make so much more from their properties if they can rent them almost like hotel space. Although technically they need a permit from the Council to do this very few bother to apply. As a result we are living with more rubbish on our streets. Westminster Council has always taken rubbish seriously. If bags are put out at the wrong time, a warden can go through them, find evidence of the source address and issue a warning, which may result in a fine if offending persists. Now, however, the offenders are often long gone, probably even before a warning is issued, so the system has broken down as any deterrent has been lost.

The Council needs to reconsider the whole system, either by extending daily collections to residential areas where the rubbish is accumulating or restoring the deterrent. There seems to be a marked difference between the behaviour of owner occupiers and tenants, with the former adhering to the collection times far more than the latter. Would it be possible to fine landlords if their tenants do not respect the collection times? Landlords would then take much more trouble to tell their tenants to put out rubbish on the appropriate day.

Marylebone Rubbish2
This may not be the right solution but Westminster needs to give further thought to finding one. The problem is worsening and rubbish is very unhygienic as well as unsightly, spoiling the elegant environment of Marylebone.”

Amanda Feeny, Chair of the Harrowby and District Residents’ Association and Marylebone Association Committee Member

The full version of this article appears on the St Marylebone Association website. Click here to view

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