Labour Action Team takes up major works concerns at Bronwen Court, Grove End Road

Bronwen Court

We have contacted City West Homes after residents expressed their concerns about many aspects of the major works currently being carried out there. These included the cost to lessees, standard of workmanship, length of time being taken to carry out the work and security issues. Nick Luder of the St John’s Wood Labour Action Team reports:

“Standard of Work: In the view of residents the standard of the major works being carried out left much to be desired (putting it mildly). We were invited to enter flats and were shown examples of the lack of adequate repair work on the windows etc.. The impression given on entering the buildings and mounting the staircases is hardly that of a competent contractor.

Cost: Lessees considered the cost to be extremely excessive and figures quoted to us certainly gave that impression.

Security: Residents feel there should be an immediate independent security audit of the buildings by the appropriate crime prevention authority in conjunction with CityWest Homes.”

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