Campaign to reinstate 24 Bus Stop on Lupus Street continues

24 bus

Churchill Ward’s Labour Councillors have written to the Council again about the long-standing problems caused by the relocation of the 24 bus stop in Lupus Street;

Councillor Shamim Talukder has written to Councillor Ed Argar to point out residents’ concerns:

“The moving of the bus stop is a matter of concern to local residents especially as the new location makes it so difficult for disabled and older people to alight. The original bus stop was hit by a Tesco delivery van in December 2012 resulting in its removal and later rebuilding at its present location. Transport for London’s rationale for the move was that the bus stop had experienced repeated damage but as far as we are aware the Tesco’s van accident was the first such incident. If TfL are citing this as the reason behind the move could they please provide us with a log listing each incident and who was responsible?

The new bus stop’s location means that passengers have to alight on a narrow stretch of pavement which is badly lit and especially narrow around the recycle bins around Johnson Place. Local residents will expect a full explanation and a reassurance that this issue will be looked at again.”

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