Westminster Conservative calls for the end to Council Tax discount for single people

Westminster Conservatives want to end the Council Tax discount for single people so that people like the elderly can be “nudged to move to more appropriate accommodation”, according to tweets by Conservative Councillor Richard Holloway who was elected for Bayswater Ward in May 2014 and is a former Vice-Chairman of the Cities of London and Westminster Conservative Association.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“Not content with creating misery with the bedroom tax for hundreds of residents on benefit, now Westminster Conservatives want to end the single person Council Tax discount which will hit thousands of Westminster pensioners and other people of limited means living on their own. The aim of this madcap proposal is to move even more people out of Westminster to make way for more second homes and absentee landlords. This is a cruel and nasty proposal which shows Westminster Conservatives in their true colours.”

Richard Holloway (@rrwholloway)

16/12/2014 17:22
Why do we continue to give a single person discount for properties above band E? Those empty rooms could be filled bit.ly/1zsGddC

Richard Holloway (@rrwholloway)

16/12/2014 18:00
@Cllr_Maida_Vale @OliverCooper @John_J_C_Moss perhaps they should be nudged to move to more appropriate accommodation?

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