Labour calls for extra resources for Westminster health services

Labour Councillors have called for extra resources for local health services in Westminster by urging the NHS to sell the long-derelict Samaritan Hospital site in Marylebone Road and by the City Council establishing a £20 million fund from Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy funds generated by planning developments.

At the next Council meeting on 21st January the following motion will be moved by Councillor Barrie Taylor and seconded by Councillor Adam Hug:

“This Council notes that the winter months are producing severe pressures on our local A&E service at St Mary’s Hospital – which is subject to the ‘Shaping a Healthier Future’ plan as approved by the Secretary of State and covering nine local authority areas in North West London.

It is also noted that the physical infrastructure of local primary health care services in Westminster is not adequate to provide integrated care, due to the poor state of many GP practices and land prices in Westminster.

The Council acknowledges the national intention of major political parties to integrate health with social care services and will use every power/opportunity of the local authority to assist in its implementation, including:

• In respect of St Mary’s A&E services, we call upon NHS England to sell the Samaritan ex-Hospital site to provide immediate capital resources to implement changes to the hospital infrastructure, as required by the ‘Shaping a Healthier Future’ plan;
• In respect of the chronic state of much of the infrastructure for primary care services, we will use our Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy powers to develop a £20m capital fund, in partnership with NHS England, to introduce community facilities for the provision of integrated health and social care services and to attract the highest quality of GPs to work in our area”

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