Labour call on Westminster Council to stop paying nearly £1,000 a month for Romford flat in appalling condition

Romford flat

Labour Councillors have called on Westminster Council to stop paying the £938 a month rent for a flat in South Street, Romford which is being used as temporary accommodation for a Westminster homeless family after Council officers visited the property and reported to Councillors that:

“Officers from Housing Options have now visited and noted that there was a high level of moisture within the property with mould around window reveals. There is also an enclosed pipe running through the living room and there was condensation in this area also. It would appear that some of the external walls in this flat have been fitted with thermo boarding. Officers thoroughly checked the seams of the mattresses and found some dead bugs.”

Romford flat 2
Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“This property is in an appalling condition and the public should not be spending nearly £1,000 a month subsidising a landlord who does not look after his property. Westminster Council should not be placing vulnerable homeless families in flats which are clearly unfit for human habitation”

“The Council needs to build more social housing in Westminster so that it can get to grips with the housing crisis affecting so many families”

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