Westminster Conservative MP joins Labour in calling for owners of the most expensive property to pay more Council Tax

Mark Field MP is the second Conservative parliamentary candidate in Westminster to call for those who own the most expensive houses to pay additional Council Tax towards public services. He joins Labour’s Karen Buck MP in calling for a bigger financial contribution from those who own properties worth £2 million and more.

In an article in ‘Conservative Home’, Mr Field, MP for the Cities of London and Westminster South, rightly points out that a “Knightsbridge oligarch is paying £1,353.48 annual council tax for a £60 million home – exactly the same as properties worth one-thirtieth that sum.”

Mr Field calls for three extra Council Tax bands – “Band H for prime properties worth between £2 and £5 million; Band I for so-called ‘intermediate prime’ properties in the £5 to £15 million bracket; and finally Band J for super prime properties worth over £15 million.”

Mr Field argues that the extra money raised could be ring-fenced for new affordable housing “at a time when London desperately needs it”. http://www.conservativehome.com/platform/2015/02/mark-field-could-a-council-tax-review-be-the-antidote-to-labours-mansion-tax.html

Mr Field’s argument is the same as Conservative candidate for Westminster North, Lindsey Hall, who argued in the ‘Evening Standard’ on 25th November 2014:

“The cure for inequity in housing lies in re-banding council tax, perhaps with a ‘super band’ that reflects genuine ‘mansion’ status”

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said:

“I cannot see any difference between Labour and Conservatives like Mark Field and Lyndsey Hall who both advocate higher property taxes for those living in the most valuable properties. There is no difference between a mansion tax and adding additional Council Tax ‘super bands’ for the most expensive properties. The result is exactly the same – the owners of prime property pay more tax.”

“There is one important big difference, however, and that is Labour’s plans for the elderly who are ‘cash-poor’ who will have more alternatives to defer payment than with the current Council Tax arrangements.”

“As for Mr Field’s proposal that the additional money raised should go to build more affordable housing, all he has to do is to persuade Westminster Council to enforce its Section 106 requirements for affordable housing in new developments. In that way the Council would have a lot more cash to build social housing in Westminster. In addition, he could stop his own Conservative Council spending over £6 million on buying property in the East End for Westminster residents in housing need. That money should be spent in Westminster. “

“And, by the way, what is wrong in spending more money on the NHS from a tax on the most valuable properties? The NHS is one of the country’s greatest achievements and Mark Field and other Conservatives should be congratulating Labour on finding a way to increase spending on health without raising taxes generally.”

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