NICE report boosts Labour’s ’20 is plenty’ campaign in Westminster

Labour’s campaign to introduce a 20mph speed limit in Westminster’s residential streets has received a boost from the publication of a report from The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). NICE is an independent organisation providing guidance to improve health and social care. It publishes evidence on what works from research into best practice. NICE is the ‘gold standard’ on correct information on public policy.

NICE’s February 2015 briefing for Local Authorities builds on earlier 20mph research and advises that:

“Implementing 20 mph zones, with priority given to protecting children and young people in disadvantaged areas who face the greatest risk, could lead to a 100% return on investment in the first 12 months.”

The NICE report on preventing unintentional road injuries among under-15s provides advice to Councils on road design on 20 mph limits, 20mph zones and engineering measures to reduce speed or make routes safer.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“The NICE report shows that 20mph speeds protect children cost effectively. This a further reason why Westminster Council must follow the lead set by other local Councils in most of inner London, York, Oxford, Cambridge, Lancashire, Bath and Bristol. We will be putting forward this as part of our budget proposals at Wednesday’s Council meeting”

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