Labour call on Westminster Council to mount inquiry into high levels of pollution on West End roads

Westminster’s Labour Councillors have called on Westminster Council to mount an inquiry into the appallingly high levels of pollution on many of Westminster’s major roads after the ‘Evening Standard’ revealed “toxicity levels up to three-and-a-half times the EU legal limit” and some roads “at least double the EU limit for nitrogen dioxide, a toxic gas linked to asthma, lung infections and other respiratory problems.”

The ‘Evening Standard’ reported;

“The most polluted street is Marylebone Road where the EU limit is shattered in at least five places. London’s worst blackspot, where Marylebone Road joins Glentworth Street, showed 132 micrograms – about three and a half times the EU maximum. Nearby at the junction with Wyndham Street the level was 124, some three times the maximum. Next worst are Park Lane and Knightsbridge. Number seven on the toxic Top 50 is Oxford Street where it joins Orchard Road at Selfridges – despite Boris Johnson last year dismissing as “bollocks” claims by top experts that the country’s famous shopping street harboured some of the worst pollution on the planet. The new data lists at least two sites in Oxford Street where current pollution levels are nearly triple the limit.”

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“Urgent action needs to be taken by the Council, in partnership with the Mayor and the Government, to reduce pollution on Westminster’s roads. These latest figures are a wake up call to the authorities. We cannot allow this situation to go unchecked. Growing pollution is damaging the health of residents, workers and visitors and we will all pay a heavy price in increased illness, more call on already overstretched health services and a much damaged environment which will deter visitors and investors from coming to London”

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