Westminster Conservatives ditch 5 year ‘Better City, Better Lives’ plan – and replace it with 3 year ‘City for All’ plan

City for All mug
Westminster Conservatives have abandoned their 5 year ‘Better City, Better Lives’ plan launched with great fanfare in March 2013 by Council Leader Philippa Roe, and replaced it with a new 3 year plan, ‘City for All’, launched by the same Councillor Philippa Roe on 4th March 2015 with a promotional video (sadly not yet available).

The only difference between the two plans is that in 2015 thousands of Westminster Council staff found a ‘City for All’ mug and lanyard on their desk when they arrived for work on Thursday 5th March. And when they turned on their computers Council staff discovered a changed computer desktop background with promotional council pictures.

In March 2013, Councillor Roe said;

“Better City, Better Lives is a five year plan to make Westminster a safer, healthier, more enterprising and more connected city.”

Alas, just two years later in March 2015, ‘Better City, Better Lives’ has been consigned to the dustbin of history, to be replaced by ‘City for All’, which according to Councillor Roe,

“is our three-year plan to support a city that is confident, tolerant and where everybody is able to share in the benefits of economic success. It invites each and every one of us to play our part, creating a City of Aspiration, Choice and Heritage.”


Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said:

“Westminster Conservatives care more about stunts and gimmicks than they do about the real concerns of local residents. At the same time as they were re-launching yet another plan with mugs and lanyards they were cutting £750,000 from children’s centres, play and youth services. They should have rebranded this latest plan ‘City for All – except children, young people and their parents’.”

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