Nik Slingsby calls for action on Millbank/Horseferry Road junction after cyclist’s tragic fatal accident

Labour’s Nik Slingsby has called for action by TfL and Westminster Council following the tragic death of cyclist Moira Gemmill who was killed following a collision with a lorry. According to press reports:

“Transport for London (TfL) drew up improvement plans for the Lambeth Bridge northern roundabout which it put out for consultation in 2012. But TfL’s report on the consultation said: ‘Having considered responses to consultation, and following concerns voiced by Westminster City Council, we have decided not to proceed with these planned initial improvements at Lambeth Bridge northern roundabout. Instead, we will concentrate our resources on developing more substantial improvements that meet the expectations of Westminster City Council and other stakeholders.’”

Nik Slingsby said:

“I am concerned that Westminster blocked TfL’s original plans to improve this very busy junction and I have urged the Council and TfL to quickly get together to agree a revised plan which will help protect cyclists before there is another tragic accident at this location.”

Promoted by Lamia Senousi on behalf of Nik Slingsby both of 52 Beechmore Rd, London SW7

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