Lindsey Hall’s Westminster Council voting record – A Public Interest Report

Labour Councillors have scrutinised Westminster North Conservative Candidate Lindsey Hall’s Westminster Council voting record and have compiled a ‘Public Interest Report’ so that voters have all the information they need to make a decision on whom to vote for.

Despite recently trying to cultivate the image of a ‘rebel’, Lindsey Hall has never voted against or spoken out about any of the budgets proposed by the Conservative Group.

In December 2011, Councillor Hall did declare her opposition to former Conservative Leader Colin Barrow’s proposed evening/Sunday car parking charges in the West End – but said she wouldn’t vote against the proposals.

On other matters, however, she has supported Conservative cuts straight down the line, as Labour’s ‘Public Interest Report’ shows:

• In March 2014, she voted against saving £3 million a year being spent on temporary agency staff, saving £1 million a year on the Council’s public relations budget – including scrapping “Westminster Reporter” and saving £20,000 a year on the Lord Mayor’s hospitality budget.

• In March 2012, she voted to freeze the pay of council workers earning under £30,000, and against a 1% increase in their wages.

• In April 2014 she voted against paying the London Living Wage to all Westminster council contract staff.

• In January 2011, she voted to support the closure of 42 Westbourne Park Road as a day service for adults with physical disabilities.

• In January 2011, she voted against reviewing a 50% cut in meals for older people, 50% reduction in day-care for all care groups, 25% cut in contracts for Prevention Services for Older People, 25% cut in assessment and care management expenditure for all care groups, and 25% cut in homecare for all care groups.

• In April 2012, she voted against restoring the service for transporting young adults with learning difficulties to and from Further Education.

• On November 2011 she voted to support the removal of the Family Quota for social housing.

• In November 2012, she voted against providing private tenants with more protection from increasing rents, rogue landlords and letting agents. She opposed a motion calling for landlord registration, and stronger powers for the council to tackle rogue landlords.

• In July 2008, she voted against a motion which described the 3,473 homes then empty in the City of Westminster as a scandal.

• In January 2014, she voted against charging higher council tax on long-term empty homes.

• In July 2008, she voted against committing Westminster council to work with others in order to start the stalled work at the West End Green site, 285-329 Edgware Road.

• In January 2014, she voted to endorse the bedroom tax.

• In November 2009, she voted against committing Westminster council to sign up to the 10:10 campaign to reduce Carbon use by 10% in 2010.

• In January 2010, she voted against introducing 20 mph zones in residential areas.

In addition, Westminster Labour Councillors have called on Lindsey Hall to hand back £1,000 for missing half of the meetings of the Audit and Performance Policy and Scrutiny Committee of which she has been Vice Chair since June 2014 and for which she gets a £2,000 a year allowance from Council Tax Payers.

Since Lindsey Hall was selected as the Conservative candidate in July 2013, there have been 10 meetings of the full Council and she has missed 4 of them – 40% of full Council meetings.

Lindsey Hall’s most recent missed Council meeting was on 4 March 2015, for which she gave no apology or explanation for her absence, after promising to defend the Essendine Children’s Centres from budget cuts. The Conservative group voted down an amendment to protect children’s centres and play schemes.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“Our Public Interest Report is aimed to give voters the best possible guide to Lindsey Hall’s record as a Councillor. It reveals how she has voted on key housing, jobs, social services and environmental issues and we hope it helps undecided voters to make up their minds”

“Attending Council meetings is the very basic responsibility of a Councillor and Councillor Hall’s record is nothing to be proud of. Missing half the meetings of the Audit Committee, of which she is Vice Chair and gets extra money, is a particularly poor performance and she really ought to hand back half the £2,000 she gets paid.”

Lindsey Hall was selected as Conservative Candidate for Westminster North on 15 July 2013. Since then the full council meetings have been:

26 September 2013: Absent
13 November 2013: Absent
22 January 2014: Present
5 March 2014: Present
30 April 2014: Present
4 June 2014: Present
9 July 2014: Absent
12 November 2014: Present
21 January 2015: Present
4 March 2015: Absent

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