Nik Slingsby explains why he supports the Living Wage

Nik Slingsby, Labour’s Candidate for the Cities of London and Westminster explains why he supports the Living Wage:

“When our London offices close for the night and the sun sets, the lights never go out. Another workday is just beginning for the army of cleaners and security guards who look after the now silent buildings.

A Labour Government wants to make sure that all hard work is rewarded and that people who do an honest job receive an honest wage.

I’m proud that a Labour Government wants to tackle the enduring problem of low pay and set a living wage of £9.15 an hour in London. We want to create widespread prosperity and companies who pay multi-million pound salaries at the top, should not resent paying a bit more to those at the bottom. This will allow all their workers, who do some of the hardest jobs in our country, to have dignity when they go home from work.”

Promoted by Lamia Senousi on behalf of Nik Slingsby both of 52 Beechmore Rd, London SW7

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