Maida Vale Conservative Councillor told to apologise over ‘Hitler Youth’ comments

Labour Councillors have called on Westminster Conservatives to disassociate themselves from the remarks of Conservative Maida Vale Councillor Thomas Crockett who compared local children with the ‘Hitler Youth’.

In a Twitter exchange with local residents Councillor Crockett said;

Thomas Crockett ‏@Cllr_Maida_Vale May 23

Just been ruthlessly interogated by band of kids whn guerrilla gardenng… if things hd turned out diffrntly the HJ wd hv been well-stocked!

Liam Purcell ‏@Dubliner1 May 24

@Cllr_Maida_Vale Trying to work out HJ? Like a spot of guerrilla gardening (and cutting tree shoots)!

Thomas Crockett ‏@Cllr_Maida_Vale

I’m afraid I meant the Hitler Jugend! Perhaps the scouts should do more marching and recruit! @Dubliner1

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“Councillor Crockett’s comments are appalling and totally unacceptable. I cannot imagine what he was thinking when he wrote these offensive words about local children. He should retract these comments immediately and his Conservative Party colleagues should give him a severe warning not to say anything so stupid ever again. “


Councillor Crockett has apologised

My earlier comment on the HJ was made in the heat of the moment and on reflection was unwise. Apologies.

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