Labour calls on Westminster Council to save Church Street services for families and the elderly

Two local community services in Church Street are under threat of closure and Labour Councillors have called on Westminster Council to step in and save them.

Shepherd’s Bush Housing Association has given notice that it will cease to subsidise the Church Street Nursery from 17 July 2015. The Nursery has a mix of 42 full- and part-time children registered. It occupies the ground floor of a council-owned shop at 10 Church Street.

The Drop-In lunch club for elderly residents occupies the Ground Floor of the shop and has also been given notice by SBHA that it will cease to subsidise them.

The closure of both the nursery and Drop In centre will have a serious impact on the provision of services for families, children and the elderly in the Church Street area, and on the Council’s Future plans for the area.

Church Street Labour Councillor Barbara Grahame said:

“Church Street Nursery has an Outstanding OFSTED rating and it would be very disappointing if parents were obliged to accept less satisfactory placements elsewhere. The council should to try to enable it to continue.”

“The Council have suggested that its 42 parents could be helped to find alternative places at other nurseries or childminders. However it is very unlikely that it would be possible to find good quality flexible placements for this number of children nearby.”

“It has always seemed unfair that Church Street Nursery, a charity, should ever have been expected to pay a high rent to the Council for a converted shop basement,”

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