Call to introduce CCTV to catch anti-social rubbish dumpers

CCTV should be deployed at rubbish dumping hotspots to catch those anti-social people who ruin the local environment for everyone else, according to Queens Park Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg following reports of continual rubbish dumping in Marban Road in Queen’s Park and in Walterton Road in Harrow Road Ward. Some residents believe that people, particularly builders and landlords, are driving to parts of Paddington from elsewhere to dump their building rubbish and old furniture.

CouncilloMarban rubbishr Dimoldenberg said:

“Rubbish dumping is becoming one of the biggest local issues and those responsible should be caught and fined for their anti-social and irresponsible behaviour. At the same time, Westminster Council needs to improve its street refuse collection service with regular patrols to clear rubbish dumping hotspots as quickly as possible.”

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One Response to Call to introduce CCTV to catch anti-social rubbish dumpers

  1. Richard Webster says:

    Please can councillor Dimoldenberg include the bins at the west end of Goldney Road in his recomendations for CCTV? The same significant issue exists for these black bins also; if CCTV is initiated at some sites but not on all, it is clear that what will happen is that the offenders will offload all their builders waste at those points without CCTV.

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