Labour Councillors call for HSE action following Carlton Tavern demolition

Carlton Tavern 1Labour Councillors have written to the Health and Safety Executive to ask what action has been taken by the HSE regarding the unlawful demolition of the Carlton Tavern in Carlton Vale on April 8th.

Councillor Adam Hug, Leader of the Labour Group said;

“The demolition of the Carlton Tavern posed a real risk to those in neighbouring properties as well as potentially to those on site and passing by. Can you please update me and ward Cllr Rita Begum about whether the HSE proposes taking action against those who ordered and carried out this demolition?”

Maida Vale Labour Councillor Rita Begum said:

“I strongly urge that firm action is taken by the HSE, both in terms of the harm that could have been caused by the pub owners’ irresponsible actions and to help reduce the risk that these same owners and contractors might do the same in future with other pubs and properties in our area. “

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