Need to improve road safety in the Harrow Road area is long overdue

Tim Roca, Labour’s Candidate in the Harrow Road by-election, together with Karen Buck MP and local Councillors, have had a number of recent enquiries from residents about road safety in the Sutherland/Elgin/Goldney/Edbrooke Roads area.

One parent wrote:

“Elgin and Sutherland are so unbelievably dangerous. Why are there no pedestrian lights? Sutherland is particularly frightening. There was some road works done on Sutherland recently that made the whole area so much more dangerous (as they decided to take out all the lights at the same time) I foolishly thought that this was so they could put pedestrian lights in, but they haven’t. Any view on how we can make these roads safer for our school children? “

Another adds:

“The purpose of this email is to plead with you do persuade the Council to implement road safety and road calming  measures around Edbrooke Gardens, before a child is hurt or killed. Westminster has to revisit the issue of road safety in the light of the changing demographic. It is, as its always been, a very densely populated area. Why are there speed bumps in Delaware Road, which is dominated  by media studios and not on a road that features a public space used by children?”

And a third says:

“As you know, Goldney Road has access to St Peters School on its south side and Edbrooke Road Park to its North; children (and indeed parents) cross the road regularly, and I am terrified for the safety of my young daughter (and other’s children), who, in spite of me carrying her to and from my car whenever possible, could break free and run into an oncoming speeding car with horrifying consequences. Surely with the school and park, Goldney Road must merit some kind of traffic calming – either speed bumps or introduction of partial ‘one way’ system as exists on Oakington Road (by Paddington Academy)?”

Along with Karen Buck MP, we have asked the Council’s Road Safety Team to investigate the situation as a matter of urgency and to bring forward proposals to improve the current unsatisfactory state of affairs.

Promoted by Andy Whitley on behalf of Tim Roca, both of 4g Shirland Mews, W9

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