Petition to stop the proposed bridge from Nine Elms to Pimlico

The Churchill Ward Labour Councillors, Murad Gassanly, Shamin Taluder and Jason Williams are supporting the petition to stop the proposed bridge from Nine Elms to Pimlico which is being promoted by Wandsworth Council who have hired Colander Associates to operate a design competition

TFL’s initial feasibility studies of the estimated time savings, compared with crossing the existing bridges, are around around 7 minutes for pedestrians, and 1 minute for cyclists.The two existing Chelsea and Vauxhall bridges are about 1 mile apart.

You can sign the petition here

The proposed Nine Elms to Pimlico Bridge would cause:

1.  The catastrophic loss of Pimlico Gardens & Shrubbery, the only riverside garden square in London;

2.  The loss of amenity in St George’s Square gardens, the only significant public green space and play area in Pimlico, to the detriment of residents from the whole of Pimlico;

3.  A threat to the existence of Westminster Boating Charity, a longstanding youth charity in Pimlico;

4.  The loss of and damage to many high value mature trees in both gardens;

5.  An estimated 9,000 cyclists and/or 9,000 pedestrians crossing over the bridge every day, ruining the tranquil character of St George’s Square and causing disruption to residents across Pimlico;

6.  Vehicle traffic congestion on Grosvenor Road backing up along the embankment to Vauxhall Bridge, Millbank, Lupus Street, Chelsea Bridge and beyond, with associated noise and pollution;

7.  Congestion at Pimlico Underground Station during peak hours.

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One Response to Petition to stop the proposed bridge from Nine Elms to Pimlico

  1. Mike says:

    It’s a great idea. London needs more pedestrian bridges so that we can be separated from road traffic.

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