The mysterious case of the disappearing Maida Vale bus stop

Residents in Maida Vale and St John’s Wood have written to the Mayor about the mysterious case of the disappearing Maida Vale bus stop.

They say:

“We live in Maida Vale W9 on the main road between Sutherland Avenue and Elgin Avenue. As far as my fellow residents recall, there has always been a bus stop going towards Marble Arch across the street between Hall Road and Carlton Vale.

About a month ago this bus stop suddenly disappeared and was re-positioned on the block south, where there is already a stop a bit further along that block. There are now 2 bus stops going south on the block between Hall Road and St.Johns Wood Road and none at all on the long block between Carlton Vale and Hall Road.

Not only is this a great inconvenience for the many elderly and infirm people living here, but we are wondering when and where the consultation process was conducted as we believe there was none. Why put a second bus stop on one block while eliminating it from a block that now has no stop?

We have been very pro-active in trying to get our bus stop reinstated but have had no success and although in the greater scheme of things, this might seem like a miniscule problem, to those of us affected by it, it has been quite devastating. We hope therefore that you will be able to bring some sense back to the department responsible for this action and restore our bus stop.”

Will the Mayor unravel this mystery?

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