Churchill Labour Councillors express residents’ concern over University Technical College plans

Churchill Ward Labour Councillors Murad Gassanly, Shamim Talukder and Jason Williams have written to the Council expressing residents’ concerns over the plans for the proposed Sir Simon Milton University Technical College in Sutherland Street, Pimlico.

The Councillors have written to Councillor Danny Chalkley, the Cabinet member responsible for the development, expressing concern that while “residents note the reduction in the height of the residential offering this is still substantial taller than the five stories in the original planning brief which residents were referred to in the run up to the planning application. The proposed residential building will dwarf nearby buildings, including the White Ferry Pub next door; it also sets a precedent for larger buildings in the area.”

They have also raised issues with the transport consultation and impact on the C10 bus route, as well as the impact on the community with the opening of the College.

The Churchill Councillors previously wrote to the Council on these issues in December 2014 when they raised concerns that the consultation proposals were insufficient to enable everyone who wanted to see the plans to attend.

The Councillors have asked for clarification on how much the required financial shortfall for the building of the college will be and how much money will be generated from the sale of the flats which don’t include provision for social housing.

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